About Us

Eclectic Home Living is a spontaneous venture quickly turned into a more serious business created by Carlos Arroyave in late 2013 from his very own home studio in Venice, California. Carlos is a Colombian artist who has been exploring with art and creative ideas since he was a very young kid. He enjoys painting on a canvas as much as he enjoys painting a beautiful piece of furniture. His attention to detail and creative eye make for an impressive final product. He spends sufficient time working on each of his pieces, making sure every detail, every imperfection, is addressed. The results are well worth the time and effort invested. You will not regret purchasing one of his pieces!

We invite you to browse through our catalog of vintage refurbished furniture, hnadmade wooden tables, vintage home decor items, our beautiful boho chic handmade pillows, and Carlos' original paintings. Some of the pieces we post have already been sold and are simply listed as an example of the type work we do. Don't be shy to contact us if interested in a piece that is marked as a sample piece. Although most of our pieces are vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces, we make every effort to find similar pieces to meet your needs. In fact, most of our sales come from custom requests.

Please review our policies before purchasing any piece as we are unable to offer free shipping or delivery unless specified. Also, please contact us if purchasing more than one item to confirm shipping charges.

Thank you for visiting our page and providing us with the opportunity to share our special pieces with you.